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Art Appraisal and Downsizing Philadelphia, PA

Thomas Eakins (American, 1844-1916)

Oil on canvas

Max Schmitt in a Single Scull

Met Museum, New York

Whether you are downsizing your art collection or helping to settle an estate, let the professionals at Fine Art Concierge help you navigate the fragmented and secretive world of auctions, galleries, art fairs, private dealers, and the internet art marketing sources.  Call us at 610.203.6313 for a free introductory phone consultation. 

Art Appraisals, Philadelphia PA

Vasily Kandinsky (1866–1944)

Improvisation 27 (Garden of Love II)

Oil on canvas

Met Museum, New York

Problems We Solve

  • Art downsizing and estates are complex projects  You may prefer one single point of contact to manage the whole process. 


  • Art is not a liquid asset. It takes skill and creativity to monetize art and valuables.


  • The art market is opaque and opportunistic and encourages mistakes. Level the playing field with our help.


  • The art market is extremely volatile. Steep increases are followed by steep declines. Let's understand the implications for you and your treasures.


What We Do





Sucess stories

Testimonial Letter for Cliff Bailer


"A few years ago I was struggling with how to research and find the right buyer for two paintings my brother and I had inherited from our parents.  I talked with a local auction house and a local private dealer and their offers were confusing and seemed very low.  I did not understand the art world, and certainly not the world of buying and selling 19th century oil paintings.  Then a friend referred me to Cliff.  He became my guide through this process, doing the research necessary to establish the authenticity of the paintings and to locate the artist in the hierarchy of 19th century American art.  He further located both private dealers and auction houses that had an interest in working with us.  Cliff arranged and accompanied us on visits to two private dealers and one auction house in New York City and was invaluable in helping me think through the sale of these paintings.  We ended up with much more than I started out thinking they were worth.  It was astonishing! I owe that good result to Cliff’s art research and his knowledge of auction and private dealers.  We are very grateful to him for this result.  We could not have done this without him!"

If you are an estate, trust, wealth management, or insurance professional, and view art as part of your client's portfolio, we can help.

Please contact us!

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